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Kenji Yamasaki, Recording/Live Engineer

Kenji Yamasaki has been involved with music at a young age. From his first violin to now performing electric bass and handling audio production, nothing has stopped his journey to find the right sound for the occasion. Kenji has been honing his craft in studio work thanks to the efforts of the ASU Popular Music program as well as live applications through his time at Crescent Ballroom. Through the combined efforts of these establishments, he has become an resourceful individual always wanting to learn and experiment more.​Being an avid practitioner of Stoicism, Kenji has found himself embracing struggle as part of the discovery of the arts. It is with this that every song and stroy can bloom into its full potential through the use of struggle in the discovery of art.​ During his spare time, he loves walks with his adorable puppy "Frank Ocean", studying Stoicism, or escaping into fantasy fiction novels and films. 

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